Free Online Document Viewer App – GroupDocs.Viewer

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We are pleased to announce the GroupDocs.Viewer App which comes up with features to view more than 90 formats like Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, Project, Emails, Images & PDF with Downloads, Zooming, Paging and many more features.

GroupDocs.Viewer App

How to View the Documents?

Simple steps to view your documents:
  • Just select or drag & drop your desired file to upload.
  • App will automatically redirect to Viewer, that’s it.

Features Overview

Following are the features available in our free GroupDocs.Viewer App:
  • View your files instantly without installing anything.
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Supported formats´╝ÜMicrosoft Office, OpenOffice, Project, Emails, Images & PDF.
  • View document pages as partial rendering for better document page rendering.
  • View document pages thumbnails
  • Page view Zoom-In & Zoom-out
  • Zoom page view by percentage (%) & Fit page view to Width & Height.
  • Paging: Move to Next & Previous page with Current & Total page count.
  • Download document in original or image format.
  • Download document as PDF format.
  • Print document

Free Support & Feedback

We always appreciate and welcome our valuable users to share their feedback to improve this application. We will be happy to know your thoughts and suggestions. Just create a forum thread and our dedicated support team will be there to respond.