Scan Barcode with GroupDocs.Scanner Free Online App

GroupDocs.Scanner App

We are pleased to announce the GroupDocs.Scanner App which allows to scan barcode online from mobile phone camera and files of various formats. You can scan barcode from images and documents like Pdf, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, OpenDocument, RTF and others. After scanning, you receive result page that contains the encoded info. You can share it or add as a bookmark. We keep the scanning result page for you during 24 hrs. Obviously you may delete it immediately. Try our Scanner at

Features Overview

GroupDocs.Scanner App provides following features:

  • Scan barcode of different type such as ISBN, DataMatrix, MaxiCode, Pharmacode, PDF417;
  • Scan QR-code of different complexity: from Micro QR to large QR code types;
  • Read barcodes and QR codes using your WebCam or mobile phone camera;
  • The Scanner App supports images of various formats like JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF,TIFF and many more;
  • Various document formats are also supported: PDF, MS Word (DOC, DOCX), MS PowerPoint (PPT, PPTX) and many others;
  • Our sophisticated algorithms allow us to read even damaged codes.
  • We store the scanning results for 24 hrs for you, so you can easily bookmark the resultant page and return back to overview the result again.
  • For additional security you are able to delete all your files and scanning results immediately which is useful for sensitive or confidential files, so we will not store any your file and related info.

How To Scan Barcode with WebCam or Mobile Phone Camera

To scan barcode or qr-code on mobile phone with integrated camera or using any WebCam please do following steps:

  • Open GroupDocs.Scanner App on your phone or any device with web browser.
  • Tap Camera button to start your camera.
  • The app will ask permission to use your camera.
  • Please take a pucture of your barcode. As a result our app will scan it and show the resultant page for you.
  • Feel free to use the resultant page URL for 24 hrs. At the same time if you want to delete all files you can press “Delete all my files” button

How To Scan Barcode or QR Code from files like PDF, DOCX and others

To scan barcode or qr-code from files of various formats, please do following steps:

  • Open GroupDocs.Scanner App on your phone or any device with web browser.
  • Drag’n’Drop your file or just click Upload icon and choose your file for scanning.
  • Barcodes and QR codes on your file will be scanned and you will get the resultant page.
  • The resultant page URL is available for 24hrs, however you can press “Delete all my files” and we will delete all your files and results immediately.